A Chorus of Disapproval
by Alan Ayckbourn

Cast & Crew
Roz Riley - Director.
Susan Briedis - Musical Director

Lindsay Walton - sound,
Stephen Dean - lighting.

Andrew Cougle, Danny Bolt, Ella Arendelle, Jerome Studdy, Julie Dimond, Keith McIlroy, Kurtis Wakefield, Luke Reeves, Maria Hempill, Micky Rose, Sally Williams, Sophie Almada

7th to 29th April 2017

Recipe for a modern comedy:
A dark comedy with many great songs, but it is not a musical - it is a very funny play about an amateur society rehearsing its latest offering. The group is thrown into disarray when an innocent abroad comes to audition for ‘crook fingered jack’. Life imitates art as he makes friends and enemies of them all in a riot of sex, death and theatrical frenzy.
A Chorus of Disapproval   photographed by John Reeves